Burn for Burn Series

Reading about a group of young girls trying to get revenge to those who ruined their life is always on the top list of my favorites. Getting revenge is always feels great… *evil grins* And a book with such theme written by Jenny Han? I’m sold.

*This post may contain spoiler, don’t click if you want a spoiler-free*

Lillia Cho, Kat DeBrassio and Mary Zane each have their own background story for their revenge. These girls don’t hangout together and their revenge is kept as secret between them. The revenge targets are Lillia’s circle of friends; one is for Lillia because she thinks this boy (Alex) tries to mess up with her little sister, another one is for Kat because this once-her-bestfriend-turned-enemy girl (Rennie) keeps making false rumors about her, and the last is for Mary since that boy (Reeve) had done terrible things to her.

The girls’ revenge story made a total of 3 books which “Burn for Burn” (#1), “Fire With Fire” (#2), and “Ashes to Ashes” (#3).

1) Burn for Burn

As for “Burn for Burn”, I love the idea that these girls united, provoked by pain they feel from people who hurt them and end up helping each other to get their own revenge. In this first installment of the series basically Lillia, Kat, and Mary just met, plan, execute the first and their second revenge act. For me the first revenge was kind of weak, but still… it’s entertaining to read what the girls have done for the first revenge. I absolutely expecting Rennie and Reeve’s (Kat’s and Mary’s revenge target) turn, since these two have such personality which I have a hard time to like and that I personally really want to do a bitchslap to their own face!). So the revenge plans sound really promising: taking away what they really want while humiliating them in front of the whole school. But then plans gone wrong and getting worse. All is well until the girls decide to use drugs for the revenge. Not cool and dangerous, really… But that’s what makes the story.

“Burn for Burn” is definitely good, although it probably just a light reading (young-adult with some high-school clichés), but it got me hooked I can’t even put down the book and suddenly it ended and got me cliff-hanged! In BfB, out of the three main girls, I enjoyed Lillia very much. She’s truly live like a princess with rich family background and also popular in her school. She’s by average a nice girl but apparantly capable of doing things evil or dangerous enough, depending on people influencing her (duh teenager). Also we got to know much of Rennie from her point of view. One of the antagonists (?) in the story. So it was lots of fun reading from her point of view, somehow it gives me a chance how does it feels to be a girl and live like Lillia.  But she’s only likable in this first book since the next two books she’s going against one of my life-principles.


After what happened bad in the first book, FwF started off weak since Lillia and Kat feel reluctant to continue the revenge they started but in the end Mary step in and the plan goes again, this time the upgraded version: make Reeve fall in love with Lillia then she will dump him (just like what he had done to Mary). The pros: Reeve and Rennie both will be hurt (since Rennie obviously tagged Reeve as her boyfriend). So with Lillia making Reeve fall for her instead of Rennie, this plan sounds like killing two birds with one stone. But then these girls must yet to know that feeling is not something to be played with. If you play with someone’s feeling, even if you just pretending, it will definitely backs to you again, drowning you to your own graves.

“Fire with Fire” definitely much better and entertaining than “Burn for Burn”. Aside from making-Reeve-fall-in-love-with-Lillia plan, we got to see how the friendship between the girls growing, how Kat’s making effort to prepare for her (and her mom’s) dream college (also potential love interest for Kat, a thing to root for!), how Lillia handle the cold treatment from her friends due to her confronting Rennie. But the biggest revelation come from Mary! I swear I didn’t see that coming. Also in this book I start to adore Kat, much than Lillia. I mean c’mon… Lillia’s literally flirting with her bestfriend’s crush! (Where’s your bro-code Lil?) And by the end of the book, got more surprises and left cliff-hanged again. (I swear so much surprises in one book).

3) AsHES to ashes

The last book from “Burn for Burn” trilogy. I can’t say I love “Ashes to Ashes” as much as the last two books, or as the book finale. Well as a finale it did okay, but I can’t stand Lillia-Reeve part in this book, almost dropping it since their relationship basically started off as cheating, and they don’t even feel guilty about that, about Rennie or Alex or Mary.

“Screw Rennie or Alex, all that matter is we love each other” – probably what Reeve and Lillia think.

But at least the “new-Mary” and also Kat save the book for me. “Ashes to Ashes” definitely contain its share of supernatural things in the story, sometimes it’s capable for making me rolled my eyes or shouting “yes that’s it! that’s how you do it!”. But in the end I can’t hide my annoyance for the story, the pace is too slow (compared to FwF) and the finale just not as entertaining as before, much boring actually. Despite all the rages I have for this book, Burn for Burn series worth to read for those who fancy YA (Young-Adult) genre and a fan of Jenny Han. If you have read the series, let me know what you think in the comment!


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