I signed up for Blogging U’s Photo 101 course several days ago and the first theme brought is “Home”.

For me a home is relaxing on a comfy bed with piles of book I want to read. Although I said piles, doesn’t mean that the bed should be covered entirely by books since that would eliminate the inportant factors such as comfort and relaxness. If those important factors are gone then I’d say that’s not a home anymore. Because a home is where you can be comfortable and where your heart belongs. #pffft

On another note, those are books that I want to read. Some of them purchased long time ago and I keep procrastinating to read them (oh The Maze Runner series), and the rest just come last December and they’re stories I can’t really wait to devour! (The Book Thief especially). So for now I need to finish those on the pile before moving onto next book purchases, although it’s been so hard resisting all the discounts on books but I’ll be trying.

Until next post about Photo 101!


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