Every Day by David Levithan

Every Day by David Levithan

Every Day by David Levithan

Every day a different body. Every day a different life. Every day in love with the same girl.

So this is the first book that I read in 2016 and at first I was pulled by those premise lines for picking up this book. I mean…”okay dude so you got to live in different body as well as having to live a new life every single day, but how do you manage to be in love with the same girl every day in that condition? I mean HOW? I want to know” that was exactly what I had in mind when picking up this book.

Our main character is called ‘A’. It’s because A doesn’t have a fix body, or parents or home as his/her identity. A does not have a fix body to live so A just jumped from a body to another body every single day, living in a body of someone (s)he doesn’t know. One day A lives as a boy, and another day as a girl. A lives by principle: Never get too attached, avoid being noticed, do not interfere. But then one day, after being in body of a boy named Justin, A meets Rhiannon and the rules just don’t apply anymore.

This book is just confusing. So I just assume that A is a soul. Although it is interesting to read A’s life at a reader’s POV (with his/her different life every single day), it’s such a bothersome if I try to imagine myself as A, or as Rhiannon. Somewhere in the book I think Mr. Levithan wants to convey the message that the most important thing to love in someone is their soul, you only need to look at their soul, not their appearance. But I much disagree with this point because I myself still can’t ignore the appeal of someone’s appearance when I’m attracted to them, much more when I get to like or love them. I’d probably longed to touch or to be touched by him that have an appearance that I am familiar with, not someone with different appearance every day. I swear I’ll be having a hard time if I were Rhiannon (I do believe she feels that too). I just feel the need to save and to remember moments I have with that same person.

Also another thing that bugs me: I think A falls for Rhiannon too fast, like love at the first sight(?). And since I don’t really believe that kind of love, the story just not ‘clicked’ enough with me. Also the premise offered sounds really fascinating but then I agree that Mr. Levithan failed to deliver that good premise to the story, so unlike the majority of readers on GR (GoodReads) giving high ratings for this book, for me Every Day only deserves 2 out of 5.

So, have you read Every Day? If so, did you enjoy it or not? Let me know what you have in mind.


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