Hujan by Tere Liye

Hujan by Tere Liye

I’ll admit that this novel by Tere Liye is the first Indonesian novel I read in the last 2 years. What? Well that’s the fact and I need to read more novels by our Indonesian authors.

The title ‘Hujan’ if translated to English simply means “Rain”. This have connection to our protagonist, Lail, by having so much important things in her life connected to rain. It’s about her friendship, love, farewell, and forgetting memories are being told in this particular novel. It is on a whole seems like an ordinary story around a girl, but with much more humanity-nature-world issues as the spices, just like any of Tere Liye’s other works which are usually good.

Hujan time plot is set in the near future, around year 2042, where almost every aspect of humankind is modernized, and humankind already reached 10 billions people. The number itself automatically get us into thoughts what kind of problems that humans faced at those times and how the story developed making those numbers shrink also made me a gaping a little. With a background set as that, Hujan is about a journey of a girl on her lost, then finding friendships, realizing what-a-love-is, letting go and embracing painful memories as a part of herself.

The idea itself maybe a classic one, but the delivery of the story is really neat and engaging, just like how the character Elijah is able to listen to Lail’s story for more than 7 hours, this book just can’t possibly make you put it down before you completely read it.

And another random thought on a character’s name here: What parents are funny enough to name their children as Esok (Tomorrow)???