Hujan by Tere Liye

Hujan by Tere Liye

I’ll admit that this novel by Tere Liye is the first Indonesian novel I read in the last 2 years. What? Well that’s the fact and I need to read more novels by our Indonesian authors.

The title ‘Hujan’ if translated to English simply means “Rain”. This have connection to our protagonist, Lail, by having so much important things in her life connected to rain. It’s about her friendship, love, farewell, and forgetting memories are being told in this particular novel. It is on a whole seems like an ordinary story around a girl, but with much more humanity-nature-world issues as the spices, just like any of Tere Liye’s other works which are usually good.

Hujan time plot is set in the near future, around year 2042, where almost every aspect of humankind is modernized, and humankind already reached 10 billions people. The number itself automatically get us into thoughts what kind of problems that humans faced at those times and how the story developed making those numbers shrink also made me a gaping a little. With a background set as that, Hujan is about a journey of a girl on her lost, then finding friendships, realizing what-a-love-is, letting go and embracing painful memories as a part of herself.

The idea itself maybe a classic one, but the delivery of the story is really neat and engaging, just like how the character Elijah is able to listen to Lail’s story for more than 7 hours, this book just can’t possibly make you put it down before you completely read it.

And another random thought on a character’s name here: What parents are funny enough to name their children as Esok (Tomorrow)???

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

I’m going to jump onto the bandwagon! Yes, I’m one of those who read the much-loved Me Before You and ended falling in love with it! I’m not going to spoil anything so I’ll just tell what I had in mind when I read this piece.

I did enjoy the story. Very much.
Although I find the plot itself is a little bit predictable, I can’t help but rooting for Lou, for Will.
I didn’t find this a really tear-jerker as some people said but I do admit that some parts make me cried.
Somehow Will’s condition reminding me of my Mom’s and maybe that’s also why I can really feel sad to the point of shedding tears. Also the relationship journey between Will and Lou, their bantering and support for each other are probably the main reason why this novel turned into a lovable piece.

I don’t know if I want to criticize the characters. They do have flaws but I kind of understand what circumstances they’re in that made the characters into who they are. Some maybe feel that Lou’s character is frustrating enough, but under her circumstances, what she did is pretty admirable. And then for Will.. I don’t know but I really want to cry for him. I know it’s actually really up to him to choose but then I still can’t help to think that he shouldn’t even have to choose that path.

It’s a book that make me choke on my tears when I read the last chapter pages. I wasn’t the type that will cry easily when reading a romance book (but did crying reading a children book) but this one got my heart aching that the tears in my eyes come out easily.

Also this maybe only me but I did imagine Will Traynor as Prince Wilfred A. Spencer (from the famous otoge titled Be My Princess) mainly just because Prince Wilfred’s nick is also Will. HAHAHAHA forgive my otome soul.

Prince Wilfred

Prince Wilfred A. Spencer

but then Sam Claflin is certainly looking more Will Traynor than Wilfred. 😛

Sam Claflin

Sam Claflin

Now that the book is already proved to be read-worthy, please make the movie as worth-seeing too. Judging on its trailer alone I can’t help but wish that June come faster. Ughh that sexy British accent I can’t wait!

Every Day by David Levithan

Every Day by David Levithan

Every Day by David Levithan

Every day a different body. Every day a different life. Every day in love with the same girl.

So this is the first book that I read in 2016 and at first I was pulled by those premise lines for picking up this book. I mean…”okay dude so you got to live in different body as well as having to live a new life every single day, but how do you manage to be in love with the same girl every day in that condition? I mean HOW? I want to know” that was exactly what I had in mind when picking up this book.

Our main character is called ‘A’. It’s because A doesn’t have a fix body, or parents or home as his/her identity. A does not have a fix body to live so A just jumped from a body to another body every single day, living in a body of someone (s)he doesn’t know. One day A lives as a boy, and another day as a girl. A lives by principle: Never get too attached, avoid being noticed, do not interfere. But then one day, after being in body of a boy named Justin, A meets Rhiannon and the rules just don’t apply anymore.

This book is just confusing. So I just assume that A is a soul. Although it is interesting to read A’s life at a reader’s POV (with his/her different life every single day), it’s such a bothersome if I try to imagine myself as A, or as Rhiannon. Somewhere in the book I think Mr. Levithan wants to convey the message that the most important thing to love in someone is their soul, you only need to look at their soul, not their appearance. But I much disagree with this point because I myself still can’t ignore the appeal of someone’s appearance when I’m attracted to them, much more when I get to like or love them. I’d probably longed to touch or to be touched by him that have an appearance that I am familiar with, not someone with different appearance every day. I swear I’ll be having a hard time if I were Rhiannon (I do believe she feels that too). I just feel the need to save and to remember moments I have with that same person.

Also another thing that bugs me: I think A falls for Rhiannon too fast, like love at the first sight(?). And since I don’t really believe that kind of love, the story just not ‘clicked’ enough with me. Also the premise offered sounds really fascinating but then I agree that Mr. Levithan failed to deliver that good premise to the story, so unlike the majority of readers on GR (GoodReads) giving high ratings for this book, for me Every Day only deserves 2 out of 5.

So, have you read Every Day? If so, did you enjoy it or not? Let me know what you have in mind.

Little Adventure: Erha Clinic Depok

Yey akhirnya bisa nulis Little Adventure lagi setelah sekian lama kayaknya nggak nyoba pergi ke tempat-tempat baru di sekitaran habitat. Kali ini aku ‘main’ ke klinik kulit karena beberapa bulan terakhir muka serasa kucel, pori-pori membesar, komedo makin banyak dan jerawat-jerawat mini mulai bermunculan dan nggak ilang-ilang. #KZL

Awalnya sempet ragu juga sih masa mau pakai dokter kulit segala buat ngurusin masalah muka sepele gini (biasanya juga pake produk pasaran) dan takut bakalan nggak cocok ataupun jadi ketergantungan sama perawatan maupun obat-obatan yang dikasih oleh si dokter kulit. Kandidat awal buat perawatan wajah sebenarnya mau di Wijaya Skin Care (WSC), London Beauty Center (LBC), dan Erha Clinic. WSC dan LBC sama-sama punya cabang di Depok dan Cilegon jadi sebenernya enak kalau mau perawatan pas weekday pun bisa langsung ke WSC ataupun LBC Cilegon. Tapi berhubung kayaknya setelah baca-baca testimoni dari pasien-pasien Erha mayoritas positif, dan branding-nya pun sudah sangat oke, jadilah pilihan akhirku jatuh ke Erha. Setelah browsing-browsing alhamdulillah Erha ada cabang di Depok, jadi nggak perlu pergi ke cabang yang jauh-jauh.

Lokasi Erha Clinic Depok ada di Jalan Kartini, Depok. Kemarin aku kemari pakai transportasi umum alias kereta karena lokasinya berjarak beberapa menit saja jalan kaki dari Stasiun Depok. Keluar dari pintu stasiun tinggal ambil lurus (lewatin KUA dan ATM BNI), jalan terus sampai pertigaan dan belok kiri. Setelah itu akan ketemu pom bensin, kantor kecamatan Pancoran Mas, dan tidak jauh dari situ sudah terlihat deh Erha Clinic yang dituju, letaknya ada di seberang jalan.

Penampakan lokasi Erha dari arah Stasiun Depok. Berseberangan dengan Kantor Pos

Penampakan lokasi Erha Clinic dari arah Stasiun Depok, sedikit berseberangan dengan Kantor Pos

Tampak depan bangunan Erha Clinic Depok

Tampak depan bangunan Erha Clinic Depok

Erha Clinic Depok

Aku sampai di sana pas sekali dengan jam buka klinik alias jam 10, dan masih belum ada pasien yang datang which means yess nggak perlu ngantri lamaaa. Hahaha
Langkah-langkah untuk first timer seperti aku di Erha kurang lebih seperti ini: Continue reading


For today’s theme, I was debating which image of “Bliss” I’ll post: my stacks of book collection or photos during trip to Japan last year. In the end the Japan trip won the battle and here’s my bliss!

Me in front of Hogwarts Castle, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studio Japan

Me in front of Hogwarts Castle, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studio Japan

Posing in front of Hogwarts Castle at Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studio Japan.

Bliss: complete happiness, great joy, paradise, or heaven

I swear for me there’s still nothing to beat the great joy when I finally visited Japan for the first time. I’ve been dreaming to visit Japan from Junior High so it was like a dream-come-true experience. Add to it my addiction for Harry Potter and its wizarding world by coming to Universal Japan WWoHP and be able to experience slight of those fictional world which J.K Rowling created, that’s a true bliss for me. There’s no greater feeling for a fangirl who’d been able to meet her dreams and living in it, even for a while.


Probably the only intersection I missed the most

Tokyo’s busiest intersection

I know this is not really a quality photo. I think I failed to capture foreground and background of this photo. But regardless I think I’ve fall in love with all the nuance coming from the photo, like, despite all those people rushing, I myself actually enjoyed a relaxing coffee time from the window side. Such a blissful moment.